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Wisdom Pointe Business Complex

Behind 3 Guys Golf Carts


Mellow Mushroom

Drive to the back parking lot, the studio is located on the 1st level (under J. Andrews Bridal shop) and the only entrance into the studio is from the back.
 Suite 112

Studio will be closed Thursday, Nov. 22nd returning Monday, Nov.​​​ 26th

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Class Schedule November 2018

​​Sunday       Closed​​​

Mon.   9:30 am  Vinyasa (70 minutes) 

All levels   Cheri/Micah
11 am  Gentle Yoga
(70 minutes) 

 Beginners/All levels Cheri/Micah
6 pm  Vinyasa
(70 minutes) 

 Beginners/All levels  Rawls

Tue.    9:30 am  Vinyasa (70 minutes) 

 Intermediate  Micah

11 am   Gentle Yoga  (70 minutes) 

Beginners/All levels  Micah
6 pm  Vinyasa  
(70 minutes) 

All levels   Latha
9:30 am  Yoga Stretch
(70 minutes) 

 Beginners/All levels  Cheri

11 am   Gentle Yoga  (70 minutes) 

Beginners/All levels  Cheri
6 pm  Hot Yoga 
(70 minutes) 

Intermediate  Micah
9:30 am  Eclectic Yoga  
(70 minutes) 

 All levels Cheri

11 am   Gentle Yoga  (70 minutes) 

Beginners/All levels  Cheri
6 pm  Gentle Yoga
(70 minutes) 

 Beginners/All levels  Cheri
9:30 am Vinyasa
(70 minutes) 

 All  levels  Micah
11 am Gentle Yoga
(70 minutes) 

 Beginners/All levels  Micah

Sat.   9:30 am Yin /Restorative Yoga (90 Minute class)

 Beginners/All levels  Cheri/Latha 

ALL classes have an additional 8 - 10 minutes of quiet meditation

Yoga is the "Journey Through Movement" that transforms the body, mind  & spirit.​

​​​Phone # 770-486-0891

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​​​ Journey Through Movement Yoga Studio

Scheduled Studio Closings:
***Memorial Day
***Summer Vacation

(First 2 weeks of July)
***Labor Day
***Halloween Oct 31 6 pm class
***Thanksgiving weekend

 (Thurs. – Sunday)
***Winter Vacation  Dec. 23rd – Returning Tuesday, January 2nd 2019)​​​

​​Please bring cash or a check, the studio can not process debit or credit cards

Non-Member Individual class prices:

You can attend a class and not be a member: Please bring your own yoga mat if possible
$15 walk in / guest fee --- Weekday classes 9:30 am - 11 am & 6 pm - 60 minutes
$20 walk in / guest fee --- Saturday 9:30 am class - 90 minutes

$110 monthly unlimited classes

VIP Studio Membership Benefits:

$25 - Membership fee per person     

***If you miss three months consecutively, you will be asked to repay your membership fee

         $85 - Monthly unlimited classes

         $150 couples / or any 2 family members monthly unlimited

 You have the opportunity to attend  unlimited classes, workshops and special events when you have time on your schedule  - -

Additional class  packages available upon request - email:

 for further information

​Class schedule & class prices are subject to change