Class Schedule: December 2017

Studio will be closed for the holidays


Saturday December 23rd


Tuesday January 2nd, 2018

Sunday       Closed​​​

Mon.   9:30 am  Vinyasa (60 minutes) 

All levels   Cheri/Yvette
11 am  Gentle Yoga
(60 minutes) 

 All levels  Cheri/Yvette
6 pm  Vinyasa
(60 minutes) 

 All levels  Rawls

Tue.    9:30 am  Vinyasa (60 minutes) 

 All levels  Micah
6 pm  Vinyasa  
(60 minutes) 

All levels   Latha
9:30 am  Yoga Stretch
(60 minutes) 

 All levels  Cheri

11 am   Gentle Yoga  (60 minutes) 

All levels  Cheri
6 pm  Hot Yoga 
(60 minutes) 

All levels  Micah
9:30 am  Eclectic Yoga  
(60 minutes) 

 All levels Cheri
6 pm  Gentle Yoga
(60 minutes) 

 All levels  Cheri/Cathy
9:30 am Vinyasa
(60 minutes) 

 All  levels  Micah
11 am Gentle Yoga
(60 minutes) 

 All levels  Micah

Sat.   9:30 am Yin Yoga (90 Minute class)

 All levels  Cheri/Latha/Jennifer  

ALL classes have an additional 8 - 10 minutes of quiet meditation

Scheduled Studio Closings:
***Memorial Day
***Summer Vacation (First 2 weeks of July)
***Labor Day
***Halloween Eve
***Thanksgiving weekend  (Thurs. – Sunday)

***Winter Vacation  Dec. 23rd – Returning Tuesday, January 2nd 2018)​​​

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Yoga is the "Journey Through Movement" that transforms the body, mind  & spirit.​

​​Please bring cash or a check, the studio can not process debit or credit cards

Non-Member Individual class prices:

You can attend a class and not be a member: Please bring your own yoga mat if possible
$15 walk in / guest fee --- Weekday classes 9:30 am - 11 am & 6 pm - 60 minutes
$20 walk in / guest fee --- Saturday 9:30 am class - 90 minutes

$110 monthly unlimited classes

VIP Studio Membership Benefits:

$25 - Membership fee per person     

***If you miss three months consecutively, you will be asked to repay your membership fee

         $80 - Monthly unlimited classes

         $140 couples / or any 2 family members monthly unlimited

 You have the opportunity to attend  unlimited classes, workshops and special events when you have time on your schedule  - -

Additional class  packages available upon request - email:

 for further information

​Class schedule & class prices are subject to change 

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​​​Phone # 770-486-0891

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​​​ Journey Through Movement Yoga Studio

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